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Busting the Myths about Electric Fences

Posted on January 18, 2023 by Scott Smith | 0 Comments

There are a couple of different myths about the electric dog fence. Most of these concepts are born from a lack of knowledge about these types of fences, so we thought it best to shed some light on the situation.

Electric fences hurt dogs: False. In fact, we sell a variety of options for the electric dog fence because all dogs are different. What you need for a larger, stubborn breed is not going to be what you need for a small, timid breed. We work with you to give you exactly what your pet needs.

These fences can hurt children: False. The fence is buried, so children never come into contact with it. The collar that receives the signal should be on the pet at all times, so the child never comes into contact with it, either.

The fences break easily: False. The wire is buried underground, so, in order to break it, you would have to dig through it or allow someone else to dig through it. Since you know where it is, this should never be an issue.

An above ground fence is more effective: False. Your dog can climb over or under an above ground fence. In some cases they go through the fence. Using our training methods, the underground fence is the last border for your dog -- one they cannot climb over or under.

You have your dog's safety and happiness in mind, so be sure to get the facts before you make a decision that can have an impact on you and your dog.



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