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Customer Satisfaction & Testimonials

All work is provided with the manufacturers equipment warranty, professional installation, exclusive boundary training and service programs with our 100% money back performance guarantee. We want you and your pet to enjoy our PetSafe® and SportDOG® programs and experience the safety our products and services offer. We look forward to serving you and your pets needs. Thank you for visiting our site.




Donald J. Bone, D.V.M
Tri City Animal Hospital, LTD.

“I want to thank you for the initial training you gave our pet Joey. You made his Lite Touch training day very easy for all of us. We continued with the training and Joey responded quite well. He is now enjoying the freedom of our backyard.

I would gladly recommend your company and its Lite Touch training to any of my clients that are interested in underground pet fencing. It has been a pleasure working with your company and caring staff.”



Keith Benson, CEO
Triple Crown Dog Academy, Inc.

“As the World Leader in Pet Education, Triple Crown Dog Academy uses and highly recommends the PetSafe® Brand of containment systems. The reliability and safety provided with these products offer our students and discriminating owner’s peace of mind when considering safe and effective options in pet containment.”



Ann McHugh, D.V.M.
Stanley Veterinary Clinic

“I thoroughly appreciate my Professional PetSafe® Hidden Dog Fence! My Australian Shepherd puppy quickly learned her boundaries, and I am confident that she is safe and secure in our yard. This system cost me less than a conventional fence, and it gives me the ability to enjoy an unobstructed view!”



Denise Lavelle,
Care Animal Clinic

“I wanted to write a letter to thank PetSafe® Professional and A+ Underground Pet Fencing, Inc. for their outstanding service in giving our pet Layla the freedom and safety of our home.

I have been in the veterinary field for 12 years and pride myself in understanding that pets are in fact a part of the family and how we make our clients feel daily in interacting with their pets makes all the difference.

In October 2005 I adopted Layla from a group that was rescued from Hurricane Katrina. As time passed and she became comfortable with us and we learned she was a free spirit, or should I say “A Runner”. The thought of life on a tie out seems cruel, and an above ground fence would only give her backyard freedom and take away from our view.

After a client of ours expressed how thrilled he was with the overall experience with Pet Safe Professional I decided I would investigate it myself. Not only was Scott, as their spokesman, fantastic in explaining, answering questions and concerns but was very compassionate about pets enjoying their freedom without being afraid of the boundaries. He explained Their Lite Touch Training Program would start out with the sound only and no correction.

I had heard Horror stories of other companies setting the collar for breed and temperament while not understanding like humans we all have our own sensitivity level male, female, large or small.

After my fence was installed and seeing the trainer work with Layla using the Lite Touch Training Program how positive it was for her and she truly was not fearing the boundaries was fantastic! By the second pass around the yard she was retreating from the flags on the lowest setting and was still having fun.

My experience has been fantastic from the day I first called to inquire about underground pet fencing, and I put the word out daily on not only how wonderful this product is, but the entire staff that promotes it. Layla now runs laps around my yard and enjoys her new found freedom.



Frank & Susan Swan,

“The PetSafe® Professional containment system is wonderful. We enjoy the freedom and exercise it gives to our dog Rosie. We no longer worry about letting her outside and wondering off the property. The Lite Touch training program worked beautifully for her. We will recommend this system to our friends and relatives. Thank you so much for your professional support. We would be honored to be a part of your referral program.”

Tony Damico,

“I wanted to let you know how happy I am with your service. I called you out for a repair (because I moved the wire & didn’t do it properly) and you were out the very next day.

I just wanted to let you know that I feel you went way above and beyond what I expected you to do. I expected you to fix the wire and leave. I could not believe that you fixed and buried the wire, installed the sod that I ripped out, changed the batteries in the 3 collars and reset the entire system.

I rarely if ever write letters to companies, but I was so impressed that a simple thank you call would not do.”



Michael J. Kirsch,

“My wife and I are extremely happy with every aspect of our PetSafe® fence. We would definitely recommend it to a friend or relative.”