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Can You Be a Responsible Pet Owner?

Posted on January 05, 2023 by Scott Smith | 0 Comments


Before becoming a pet owner, it's a good idea to look at the details to see if you can be a responsible pet owner. Pets are wonderful and can bring much comfort, entertainment and companionship to your life, but they have their expenses. You'll need to factor in things like vet expenses and invisible fence costs to determine whether or not you can manage your pet's needs in a responsible way.

Vet expenses: You can cut down on some of these expenses by doing much of the work yourself, provided you are knowledgeable in this area. At least one trip to the vet is necessary for a rabies shot and to learn about other vaccinations and health concerns. However, you can buy other vaccinations at farm stores and do them yourself once a year, along with heartworm and other worm medications. There are even vets who offer low cost neuter and spay services to help cut down on the domestic animal population.

Containment: The in-ground fence systems cost can vary, depending on the type of dog you have, in terms of weight and height, as well as overall stubbornness. Prices range from $129.95 for the most basic set up to $339.95 for the most detailed set up. Although this may seem like a high cost for pet containment, standard fencing and the labor involved is much more expensive and not nearly as effective.

Food: You have to consider the ongoing cost of food for your pet, but you can also reduce this cost by making some of your own treats.

As you can see, there are expenses to consider if you are going to be a responsible pet owner. It's up to you how you manage your pet, but responsible pet owners live guilt-free, and their pets tend to enjoy long healthy lives.



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