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The Best of The Best! Solutions for your digital electronic pet fence containment systems, in-ground pet fences, wireless pet fences, indoor pet fences, remote training systems, bark control systems, dog doors, food and water stations are here. The manufacturer, Radio Systems® Corporation concluded PetSafe® Pro™ Brand products December 31st, 2019. Thank you to our PetSafe® Pro™ Brand customers and partnerships for trusting and supporting us to train and protect your loved ones since 2001. Fortunately, RSC, the innovators who pioneered the digital pet fence containment category, created easy-to-use, state-of-the-art solutions for all pet management, is happy to introduce our dealership to PetSafe® and SportDOG® Brand products. We are so confident in these products we offer a 100% money back performance guarantee including our exclusive custom boundary training programs with our professionally installed pet fence systems.

To help ensure the safety of your pets and allow you to maximize the capabilities of our fencing systems and products, we supply customers with a range of high quality pet fence equipment for all pets 5 pounds and greater. With lightning and surge protection, homeowners can ensure the safety of their pets even in adverse conditions. In addition, we have digital transmitters that provide a pet safe invisible or unseen boundary for areas up to 100 acres and indoor systems that provide a safer environment throughout your home. Our high quality digital receivers use audible alert tones and or vibration with adjustable pet safe stimulation to guide the behavior of your pets understanding during training. These devices are designed to accommodate the special needs of pets with hearing or vision loss and other health issues as well. Whatever your pet needs may be we have the right pet fence equipment for you.

Keeping pets out of harm’s way is an ongoing problem for many homeowners. Traditional pet containment devices, such as fences, leashes or dog runs, are often inadequate for the task. We have developed a variety of electronic based solutions for ensuring the safety of your pets. Our in-ground fences, wireless fences, and remote training systems supply a wide range of invisible or unseen options that exploit state of the art technology for the benefit of homeowners and their pets. We have the best digital electronic dog fences and other pet friendly solutions available on the market today and provide a Free Fence Consultation to help you choose the right products for you.

Electronic fences, also known as underground, in-ground, hidden or invisible style fences, provide a safe effective way to train pets to stay within a predetermined boundary. While standard above ground dog fences can be climbed, broken or dug under, an invisible dog fence creates a safe unseen digital boundary utilizing audible tones and or vibration combined with pet safe stimulation to teach your pet to stay within the area of your choosing with no escape options. These electronic dog fences and remote training devices are highly adjustable enabling homeowners to accommodate the temperament of their pets individually as well as customizing the contours of their property.

The idea behind an electronic fence for dogs is simple: A digital receiver attached to your pets collar, works in conjunction with a digital transmitter and direct burial wire, senses when your pet is nearing the predetermined boundary. The digital receiver promptly emits an audible alert tone and or vibration than pet safe stimulation if your pet tries to leave the area. Over a few days, your pet will learn to avoid running past the invisible pet fence boundary while exercising and playing. Our handpicked variety of underground fences and pet containment accessories supply homeowners with solutions that will keep pets safe and secure in any size area.

Our in-ground invisible pet fence and wireless invisible pet fence works with all pets 5 pounds and greater. Our exclusive boundary training programs are tailored to fit you and your pets needs individually. We want you and your pet to enjoy our training programs and experience the safety and freedom our products and services offer. Thank You for visiting our site. We look forward to serving you!

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