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Can Underground Fences Improve Dog Behavior?

Posted on January 01, 2023 by Scott Smith | 0 Comments

A wireless invisible pet fence can do more than just keep your dog safe in the yard. It can change the way your dog views his or her home, as well. When the perspective changes, so does the behavior. Reduced anxiety, increased independence, and a new outlook can make your dog more receptive to other training activities.

Look at it from your dog's perspective. He or she is completely dependent on you. On top of this, with above ground fences a dog's view is just one big cage. Like any other animal, a dog responds to a cage with an urge to leave it. Your dog may be misbehaving because he or she does not get enough time with you and the feeling of being trapped in a cage isn't going to help. An invisible fence is the perfect solution.

Once your dog feels safe and does not have the anxiety of having to look at a fence all day, you can start training him or her to do tricks, come when called, stay when directed, and other good dog behaviors. The fence is just the start. You can use the same methods of training as you do with the fence so that you can narrow the behavior changes to specific acts. Your dog will respond well because the lack of a visible fence gives a sense of independence, while the training means your dog gets more time with you. You will find that your dog is calmer and better behaved than ever before.


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