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How Dogs See Fences

Posted on January 16, 2023 by Scott Smith | 0 Comments

You want a fence to keep your dog in a contained area so you can keep him or her safe. You see it as a means by which to give your dog freedom to run while still being a responsible pet owner. Your dog however, probably sees the fence differently than you do, which is why underground pet fencing might be your best option.

~Tigger: “Oooh look! He put up a higher obstacle for me to jump! Does it still count as a jump when I pull myself up by those openings?”

~Chewy: “Wood?! I love chewing wood! My owner loves me so much that she surrounded the whole place with these tall wooden things for me to chew on. Tonight I shall reward her by sitting on her lap when she tries to eat those things she pulled out of the garden.”

~Houdini: “Wait for it...wait for it....just a few more steps and the gate will open. This is my favorite part of the day...when my human plays hide and seek with me before going off to work.”

~Dinker: “The cat thinks my owner must love her more than me. It isn't enough that the cat has her own indoor bathroom; now she gets to taunt me from outside this metal thing as well? Maybe if I make that room with all the comfortable furniture my new indoor toilet the cat will see who really is the favorite.”

It's all about perspective. What you see as safety features your dog sees as a challenge, a new toy, or something to chew on. Underground dog fencing won't just eliminate the challenge; it will keep your dog's focus off of the perimeter of your property in general.



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