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ProLite® Digital Receiver

  • Advanced digital technology ensures your pet's safety and your peace of mind.
  • 10 different correction levels and three additional training settings allow you to customize for each individual pet, based on size and temperament.
  • Anti-linger correction will stop your pet from hanging out in the boundary zone and running down batteries.
  • No run through detects the speed in which your pet is traveling through the boundary zone and delivers a correction for 8 seconds if the pet has run past the boundary for training purposes.
  • Safety "time-out" will shut off the receiver for as long as your pet is in the boundary zone.
  • SafeLight™ low battery indicator keeps you from guessing when to change the batteries.
  • Our ProLite receiver collar weights in at 1.4 ounces with batteries, this makes it a perfect fit for those small breed dogs and cats.
  • ISO 9002 certification guarantees the highest quality.
  • Lifetime transferable warranty.
  • Waterproof.

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