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Pro Pet Fence Equipment

The Best of The Best!  As the innovators who pioneered the digital pet fence containment category, we created easy-to-use, state-of-the-art solutions for all pet management. We’re so confident in the reliability of these PetSafe® Professional™ products we offer a no cost transferable Lifetime Equipment Warranty.
Any Shape & Size Yard, Any Breed,100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

To help ensure the safety of your pets and allow you to maximize the capabilities of our fencing systems and products, we supply customers with a range of high quality pet fence equipment for all sizes of pets 5 pounds and greater. With our battery backup and lightning protection, homeowners can ensure the safety of their pets even in adverse conditions. In addition, we have digital transmitters that provide a pet safe invisible or unseen boundary for areas up to 100 acres and indoor systems that provide a safer environment throughout your home. Our high quality digital receivers use audible alert tones and or vibration with adjustable pet safe stimulation to guide the behavior of your pets understanding during training. These devices are designed to accommodate the special needs of pets with hearing or vision loss and other health issues as well. Whatever your pet needs may be we have the right pet fence equipment for you.


ProLite® Digital Receiver

Successful training starts with a ProLite® digital receiver.

Our product development team has created an innovative product that packs state of the art digital technology into the light weight 1.4 ounce receiver collar. Its range of settings and programs make training easier for you and your pet. Professional trainers across the country agree - ProLite is the smart choice. Click here for product features.



Pro280® Digital Receiver

For the hard of hearing, deaf, visually impaired or blind dogs, successful training starts with a Pro280® vibrating digital receiver.

From the leading innovators in the industry, the Pro280 is the only receiver on the market today that has warning tone and warning vibration. Creating products that pack state of the art technology along with safe humane features is our goal. Because training is one of the most important parts to the success of a containment system, the PetSafe Professional Brand is proud to offer the only pet containment training to have received the IACP (International Association of Canine Professionals) Seal of Approval for its Gentle LiteTouch™ Training. Click here for product features.



    ProTx-1® Digital Transmitter

    Containment that covers up to 100 acres using the least amount of electricty. "Go Green"

    Now, even if your backyard is as big as a city park, your pets can roam freely and safely, thanks to the advanced digital technology of the PetSafe Professional ProTx-1. Of course, it also works in the smallest of spaces to give your pet protection that's completely adjustable and always reliable. And you'll have multiple training options designed to suit your dog's temperament, no matter the breed. As the industry leader, we're dedicated to innovation and quality. Our mission is to be the most trusted brand in the pet ownership experience. That's why our entire line of products was created specifically with your pet's well-being in mind. Click here for product features.



      Lightning Protector

      Take your pet's protection to the next level with a lightning protector.

      When the unexpected happens - like lightning strikes or power surges - your pet's security could be at risk. With a PetSafe Professional Lightning Protector, you can rest easy even during the most intense thunderstorm knowing that your containment system is safe from Mother Nature's fury. And that means that your pets are safe as well. Click here for product features.